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Názov témy
Vplyv solitérnych stromov na spoločenstvá pôdnych húb v travinných biotopoch
Program DŠ
Meno školiteľa
Mgr. Slavomír Adamčík, PhD. ()
Prijímajúca škola
Prírodovedecká fakulta UK
Stručná anotácia
Solitaire trees are distinctive aesthetical elements in the countryside and they provide shelter for grazing animals. However, their influence to diversity and function of surrounding grasslands is rarely considered in the scientific literature. They are shaping directly the plant communities by changing the light intensity received by herbaceous plans of grasslands favouring the shade tolerant species. They also alter reception of moisture and transpirations. Very important factor is also interaction of symbiotic soil organisms associated with trees with soil biota of herbaceous plants. These interactions can be allopatric, antagonistic, predatory, competitive, commensalistic or also symbiotic. Among the soil organism, fungi are the most diverse and very important group. The aim of this thesis is to study changes of soil fungal communities in grasslands caused by presence of solitaire trees and to identify positive or negative effects of this element to the grassland ecosystem and its agriculture.