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Review Slovak computers are helping to fight the coronavirus
[27.4.2020] 572x
Review The language advisory service of the SAS is extremely helpful at the time of the pandemic
[21.4.2020] 883x
Review Research integrity even more important for research during a pandemic
[17.4.2020] 407x
Review SAS keeps the seniors in motion even at the time of the corona
[17.4.2020] 1071x
Review Falling stars to cover the sky in the coming days
[17.4.2020] 1630x
Review The Ethnologists of the SAS are finding out how Slovaks spent an unusual Easter
[14.4.2020] 361x
Review How not to succumb to disinformation about a pandemic
[14.4.2020] 622x
Review SAS to educate pupils in times of the corona
[9.4.2020] 1718x
Review The (Un)planned Bratislava publication is available online
[9.4.2020] 582x
Review Attitudes to vaccination may change after the “corona crisis”
[3.4.2020] 746x
Review SAS advises how to deal with conspiracies, pseudoscience and hoaxes at the time of coronavirus
[20.3.2020] 1938x
Review Scientists of the SAS managed to isolate the first Slovak strains of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
[19.3.2020] 1617x
Review SAS prepares to help the state test the samples
[13.3.2020] 1729x
Review Opinion of Virologists of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
[28.2.2020] 65532x
Review When the courage of young people helped bring freedom to all
[15.11.2019] 4538x
Review The Freedom of November 1989 is Fragile
[15.11.2019] 4656x
Review Roundtable: Better Conditions for Learning at Universities
[13.11.2019] 4600x
Review Value-driven Technologies: Methods, Limits, and Prospects for Governing Innovations
[23.10.2019] 6686x
Review Cooperation between Nobel Prize Laureate and the Institute of Virology BMC SAS
[9.10.2019] 6849x
Review Recommendations by the International Advisory Board to the leadership of the SAS
[9.10.2019] 3342x