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Review First Slovak ecologist has own memorial plaque
[21.12.2015] 1364x
Review The Academy Assembly elects its new Chairperson
[16.12.2015] 1817x
Review University Science Park for Biomedicine
[15.12.2015] 2535x
Review The New Centre for Applied Research
[11.12.2015] 1925x
Review Programme SASPRO – 3rd Call for applications
[25.5.2015] 964x
Review Programme SASPRO – 2nd Call for applications
[7.11.2014] 1853x
Review Programme SASPRO – Mobility Programme of the Slovak Academy of Sciences
[14.4.2014] 2979x
Review Practical information related to a research stay in Slovakia
[11.1.2014] 1324x
Review SAS Scholarship Program – the next call will not be announced
[17.6.2013] 2569x
Review SAS Scholarship Program – call announced
[25.1.2013] 1572x
Review New cloaking device invisible to magnetic fields
[9.5.2012] 2395x
Review Súhrnná správa o zákazkách s nízkou hodnotou
[2.4.2012] 498x
Review Summer school for young solar physicists and geophysicists in High Tatras
[30.8.2011] 1861x
Review A Unique Coronal Multi-Channel Polarimeter at the Lomnický Štít Observatory
[24.6.2011] 1685x
Review Solar physicists from High Tatras observe on the next large telescope
[23.5.2011] 1916x
Review International Prize of SAS for 2011 in the field of technical sciences
[14.1.2011] 1722x
Review Economic conference on regional disparities
[29.11.2010] 2332x
Review Solar cycle in attention of solar physics in High Tatras
[4.11.2010] 1443x
Review Modern Developments in Solar and Stellar Spectroscopy
[21.5.2010] 2040x
Review Meteorite "Kosice", the fall in Slovakia
[22.4.2010] 2814x
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