SAS to educate pupils in times of the corona

9.4.2020, 1712 visits


The Slovak Academy of Sciences launches a project SAS educates pupils. Scientists are looking for possibilities of how to help pupils, teachers and parents in this time, and thus they are preparing educational videos which will serve as an addition to distance teaching. The videos of the scientists will be placed on a portal of the Ministry of Education ucimenadiaľ under the sources section and spread by social media.

“We are constantly thinking about the way of how we can be helpful for the public in these times. Facts and the truth - these are our basic working tools, and so we have decided to bring them on-line to our pupils´ households. I believe that the educational videos from the Academy will be useful for all who must face the on-line teaching nowadays,” said Pavol Šajgalík, President of the SAS.

In the first phase, the Academy offers the educational content within the frame of the following subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, geography, literature and history. The topics presented are in accordance with the school curricula, and the videos cover the curriculum for pupils of individual grades of the second degree and also for all grades of secondary schools, except for the graduation.  The SAS will gradually fill the portal, so that the education from the side of the scientists would be provided to the maximum number of pupils, even within the frame of other subjects.

The link to a YouTube channel of the SAS, where the educational videos are placed:


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While SAV scientists are unable to visit schools in person, they will instead deliver virtual sessions through social media to continue the ‘SAV educates pupils’ project