Scientific Forum covers projects with Turkey

8.10.2019, 3035 visits


The eighth joint scientific forum of SAS - TUBITAK was held on 7 and 8 October 2019 at the SAS Congress Center in Smolenice. In the presence of the Ambassador of Turkey to the Slovak Republic - Hatice Aslıgül Üğdül, the SAS President, Prof. Pavol Šajgalík, opened the event.

The Turkish scientific delegation brought Dr. Orkuna Hasekioglu, one of the prominent figures of science in Turkey and Vice President of TUBITAK to the meeting at SAS. He expressed his joy at the developing cooperation between SAS and TUBITAK, especially in the context of the challenges of the present time. “We have challenging goals ahead. Our priorities are directed towards scientific development and closer cooperation with partners on behalf of mutual inspiration and seeking understanding instead of conflict. I believe in this understanding and in the benefits of cooperation in solving current global and local problems. He also emphasized the role of the private sector in the field of science and research in terms of investing in science as well as the needs of economic and technological development of the country.

Turkey's Ambassador to the Slovak Republic, Hatice Aslıgül Üğdül, assured the forum participants that the Turkish government strongly supports the development of science in the country, which she supported with more concrete data including investment in science and research. She expressed the belief that mutual and closer cooperation with our scientists would be mutually beneficial in both planned projects and those already running.

In short presentations, Dr. Orkun Hasekioglu introduced TUBITAK as an advanced scientific institution with two dozen institutes and 4200 scientists and Prof. Pavol Šajgalík once again presented SAS, its history, present, achievements and vision. Although the Slovak Academy is almost half the number of scientists and more “modest” in terms of funding, the potential for scientific cooperation of both sides is great in several areas including polymers, chemical projects, nanotechnologies and new materials also in the field of biomedicine and social sciences.

Part of the forum was also the presentation of the SAS Medal to Orkun Hasekioglu, who was introduced by prof. Karol Marhold. He emphasized in particular his contribution in building bridges between science and industry, in a sphere in which SAS has not yet managed to fulfil all its ambitions. Among other things, it is possibly due to several large industrial companies in Slovakia being in the hands of foreign capital, which supports their domestic research. The SAS - TUBITAK Forum continued with scientific workshops and on Tuesday, October 8, with a visit to the Turkish delegation at selected SAS institutes

Stano Ščepán

Photo: Marcel Matiašovič


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