“In Love” with Composites

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Even on weekdays, it is sometimes possible to create festivity. The opposite can also be true, of course. Festive "grounding" without regret. Particularly as a result of the hustle and bustle, stress, but sometimes also due to congenital human modesty. For Ing. Karol Izdinsky, CSc. of the SAS Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics , it has been possible for a long time to bring some festivity and wellbeing to the ordinary working day and warmth with naturalness and humanity, most recently on the occasion of the awarding of the honorary SAS plaque of Aurel Stodola for his merits in technical sciences.

Since his graduation from university, Ing. Karol Izdinsky CSc. has been working continuously at the SAS Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics. He started in 1982 with a two-year study placement, later he continued with scientific aspirations as an independent researcher and led the “Microstructure of surfaces and interfaces” division and from 2004 he was deputy director of the institute of which he has been director since 2012.

The most important scientific results of Ing. Karol Izdinsky, CSc. include:

• technology of preparation of composite materials (Czechoslovak patent 1989)

• -metallic composites reinforced by high-modulus carbon fibres, especially from the perspective of definition of interphase reactions (matrix, Al, Mg, Cu)

• Magnesium scrap cleaning technology to reduce Si and Ni content (the original technology was applied by the Austrian company REMAG)

• Special copper-tungsten composite for heat dissipation at high temperatures (US patent 2019, EU patent pending, currently used in plasma drilling at GA Drilling)

• new generation of carbon-free steel tools (several patents granted; materials were applied by the Austrian company BYB GmbH Waidhoffen)

• Composites based on Al nanopowders and fast-cooling Al tapes with complex nanostructure (several applications are currently being developed in projects with industrial partners)

Ing. Karol Izdinsky, CSc. has significantly contributed to the development of electron microscopy at IMMS, particularly in the methods of studying the phase interface in metal composites. He participated in the development of original materials, many of which were and continue to be practically applied in industry. As a multiple time chairman of the SAS Assembly and the director of the Institute he is one of the respected and opinion-forming scientists of the SAS, at which he has been active throughout his entire professional life.

(fs,spn) Photo: Marcel Matiašovič


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Čestnú plaketu SAV Aurela Stodolu odovzdal ocenenému RNDr. Pavol Siman, PhD.
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Ing. Karol Iždinský, CSc.