EC representative to Slovakia, L. Miko meets with SAS representatives

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How can the European Commission (EC) help the Slovak Academy of Sciences, for example, in the allocation of grants or projects within the European Union? This issue was also discussed this week by the EC representative in Slovakia, Ladislav Miko, who spoke with the SAS President Pavel Šajgalík and the SAS Vice-Presidents Dušan Gálik and Peter Samuely.
This visit was of further importance for SAS as the EC is already commencing preparation of the new Horizon Europe framework program which will replace the current Horizon 2020. SAS, together with the academies of neighbouring countries has prepared a paper on a new program that analyses the causes of the failure of newer member states in obtaining funding. One of the options for SAS is cooperation with countries that tend to be successful in European projects, such as Norway and Greece. According to the SAS President, even the low success rate of projects discourages our scientists, a point with which L.Mika agreed.
The EC representative outlined several solutions that could help in obtaining projects. One of them is to have an SAS representative in Brussels. The departure of Great Britain from the EU can be a further challenge for Slovak scientists, thus freeing up new partners in traditional consortia who are successful in projects.
Ladislav Miko, whose background is also with the environment of the academy, also promised to further support SAS in negotiations. (an)
Photo: Martin Bystriansky

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Stretnutie predstaviteľov SAV s vedúcim Zastúpenia EK na Slovensku
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Ladislav Miko načrtol viacero riešení, ktoré by mohli pri získavaní projektov pomôcť.