Klaus von Klitzing comes to SAS

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Nobel Prize laureate Professor Klaus von Klitzing met with SAS scientists in Bratislava on Tuesday 30.4 following his lecture at STU on Monday. The German physicist, known for the discovery of the quantum Hall phenomenon, worked vigorously and enthusiastically the entire time. “I never considered receiving a Nobel Prize for Physics. You don’t get involved in science for awards ...” Together with SAS President Professor Pavel Šajgalík and other scientists, he considered the possibilities, conditions and aspects that lead to success in scientific research.
In the first part of his visit, he presented the structure, institutes and scope of the Max Planck scientific community in which he works, where 23,000 employees with high scientific research credit work in Germany and other countries. Additionally, in the past, it has had 18 Nobel Prize laureates. "In addition to funding science, the selection of capable people and independence in scientific work is extremely important," said the professor regarding the funding of risk projects. Prof. Pavol Šajgalík presented the current position of science in Slovakia in the context of international comparison in particular with Slovenia, which has a similar post-communist history and economic conditions. In a short report on the greatest challenges of Slovak science, he raised many questions which were then reflected in the unique discussion between the scientists present with Klaus von Klitzing. They touched on the chronic issues of the departure of our most talented young scientists abroad, the possibility of funding research and projects to focus on developing and the preference of excellence in top science.
The organizers of this two-day visit of prof. Klaus von Klitzing in Slovakia were: Petit Academy, Tatra Banka STU Bratislava UK Bratislava and SOVVA. (spn)
Photo: Tomáš Benedikovič

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Prof. Klaus von Klitzing v SAV
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Po prezentácii sa rozprúdila jedinečná diskusia.
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Prof. Klaus von Klitzing