University of Bergen now a strong partner of SAS

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"Innovation is fundamental in advancing technology and the breadth of knowledge as is the close collaboration of scientists. Our country needs research, the application of its results and academics for this," said the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Kingdom of Norway, Denisa Frelich, on 21 January at the prestigious meeting of the University of Bergen's large delegation with representatives of SAS and several Slovak universities in Bratislava.
A working visit of the Rector, Vice-Rectors and Deans of the University of Bergen to Slovakia is taking place following the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation which was signed by SAS President prof. Pavol Šajgalík and Rector prof. Dag Rune Olsen on 6 June 2018, as part of a working visit by Slovak President Andrej Kiska to Norway. As emphasized by the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Slovakia, Terje Theodor Nervik, the mutual knowledge of the structure and focus of scientific projects opens up new horizons of cooperation. At the speeches of the Rector of the University of Bergen and the SAS President, ideas of mutual respect for the level of science in both countries were discussed, as well as the mutual interest in deepening cooperation and opening up its new areas, overcoming both domestic and global issues and challenges.

Prof. Dag Rune Olsen presented the second oldest university in Norway as a mature academic institution with seventeen thousand students at seven faculties, a clear strategy of focusing and developing in the areas of global social challenges, sea and ocean research, and climate and energy change. Prof. Peter Samuely, the first vice-president of SAS, presented the Norwegian guests with a brief history, structure and current focus of SAS.

In the second part of the meeting, the directors and scientists briefly introduced eleven SAS departments with perspectives for possible collaboration with the University of Bergen in various areas. The program of the Norwegian delegation continued on Tuesday, January 22, also featuring the Vice-President of SAS for Foreign Relations PhD. Dušan Gálik, CSc. including visits to some SAS institutes and seeking cross-sectional models of cooperation particularly in societal, social and artistic sciences. (spn)
Photo: Marcel Matiašovič and Stano Ščepán

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Rektor Univerzity v Bergene prof. Dag Rune Olsen
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