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Several inspiring ideas were offered on his short visit to the Slovak Academy of Sciences by Prof. Alain Beretz, former Rector of the University of Strasbourg, and former Director General of the Department for Science and Innovation, of the French Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovation. The French Prime Minister has entrusted him with the task of working on the establishment of "European Universities" as part of the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron, who presented this idea to the public as part of his address to students at Sorbonne in 2017.

Chairman of SAS, Prof. Pavol Šajgalik briefly presented the structure, financing, scope and results of our academy to the French guests. Prof. Alain Beretz explained the philosophy of the project of merging cooperation among scientific institutions in Europe and the share that SAS could have in improving the quality of European universities. "Science and especially research are extraordinarily important to us. Excellent research in particular brings profit to all stakeholders. An excessive degree of compromise in science and in the study and preparation of young scientists leads to problems ", stated Prof. Alain Beretz in relation to top science. In this context, he commended the potential of SAS. Prof. Šajgalík recalled the successful SASPRO project as well as the results of the evaluation of the SAS institutes by the International Panel of Experts, which open up further possibilities for formal and informal cooperation with French universities.

Prof. Alain Beretz has introduced the most important actor in higher education and science of French initiatives in this field and relevant to Europe. This is mainly about the proposal of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture to launch a call for projects totalling EUR 30 million to support pilot projects. It is subsequently expecting more significant funding through the forthcoming Horizon Europe Framework Program. His visit to SAS was a good opportunity to consolidate French-Slovak university and scientific cooperation. Slovakia and France already have a good basis for cooperation in the field of double diplomas, scientific French-Slovak bilateral cooperation (Štefánik program) and also thanks to cooperation between SAS and CNRS. European universities are able to strengthen mutual cooperation within this ambitious European project.

Stano Ščepán
Photo: Marcel Matiašovič

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Prof. Alain Beretz na návšteve v SAV.
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Projekt Európskych univerzít približuje prof. Alain Beretz v spoločnosti predsedu SAV prof. Pavla Šajgalíka.
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Stretnutie sa konalo v Bratislave v utorok 23.októbra.