SAS awards Doctor Honoris Causa title to Professor Joseph Klafter

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How can small countries compete with large developed countries in the field of science and research with their size and population? This point was expressed along with the profound gratitude of Professor Joseph Klafter, who was presented with the honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava by SAS President Prof. Pavol Šajgalík.
The world's leading specialist in physical chemistry and president of the University of Tel Aviv, came with his top experts to a joint workshop with SAS scientists on 2 and 3 October at the Devin Hotel in Bratislava. The cooperation of both parties began to form four years ago, and this two-day scientific conference is one of its first results. Professor Joseph Klafter introduced the structure and significance of the University of Tel Aviv, which ranks with its nine faculties among the most prestigious in the world. Additionally, its budget is $220 million. "We are similar small countries, both similarly oriented to the development of society, economy and educational needs. Small countries with great potential ", said, the author of eighteen scientific books, four hundred scientific articles and publications among other points. Professor Joseph Klafter has been at the forefront of Israel's leading university since 2009 which at the same time ranks at the top of the world's top universities. He has won many awards including the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Prize, the Weizmann Prize for Sciences, the Rothschild Prize in Chemistry, and the Israel Chemical Society Prize. In 2011, he was elected Honorary Member of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of the United States, and in the past year he became president of the Israeli Rector's Association.
SAS President prof. Pavol Šajgalík highlighted the great contribution of mutual cooperation for SAS. In the same spirit, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Israel, Peter Hulényi, who was at the beginning of the cooperation and the Ambassador of Israel to the Slovak Republic Zvi Aviner Vapni, also spoke. Vice-Chairperson of SAS PhDr. Dušan Gálik, CSc. then presented the history and the present day SAS in more detail. In the ceremonial part, the vice-chairman of SAS prof. Peter Samuely presented compelling and heartfelt praise of Prof. Joseph Klafter. After taking the honorary title, Doctor Honoris Causa, he elaborated on his ideas about the interdisciplinarity of leading branches, interconnection in the industrial sphere, the benefits of collaboration, as well as the acquisition of young scientists and their potential for the development of science and the country.
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Photo: Vladmir Šimíček and Róbert Grznár

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Udeľovanie čestného titulu Dr.h.c. Josephovi Klafterovi.
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Prof. Joseph Klafter a prof. Pavol Šajgalík.