Czech and Slovak scientists team up on a large project

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They‘re concerned about common problems, go through similar changes, provide mutual support in difficult moments. The Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic have been cooperating for 25 years. At a meeting in Prague, they commended the most important joint results, discussed the troubled Slovak transformation, and planned a large multidisciplinary project for the future.
"It should be of great social significance. This could be industry 4.0, for example, because both academies are institutions that cover the widest range of research fields in their countries, "said Eva Zažímalová, chairwoman of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
The research projects for this planned multiproject are multiple. These will ultimately be the subject of joint research of the institutes by both academies.
"For example, the problem of artificial intelligence, which covers everyone - begins with the building of technology and is aimed at having a social impact. This is the principle of the project that we have agreed upon. We want to display the uniqueness of the academies in the societies of both republics, " says President Pavol Šajgalík.
Czech academics, as well as some of the public are watching the troubled transformation of SAS, which should have become a public institution. The Czech institutes of the Academy of Sciences have been public research institutions since 2007. This has brought more financing into their budgets, larger numbers of projects, closer contact with industry, and last but not least, more innovative research environments that can respond more quickly to the needs of society.
"We also wanted to go to this form. But the final result is that the transformation has been jeopardized and SAS is returning to the budget and contribution form according to the amendment to the law. I will not comment on who is to blame, but I would like to comment that while this happened in the Czech Republic without any problems and in cooperation with all relevant ministries, this was not the case in Slovakia. This is regretable but we will not give up, and this multi-project can be a signal that SAS is still a trusted partner for big projects, even beyond the borders of our country, "said Pavol Šajgalík.

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