Recommendations by the IAB to the leadership of the SAS

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The International Advisory Board (IAB), appointed by the President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, congratulates SAS, at all levels from faculty to the Presidium, for a dynamic approach to implementation of the recommendations issued in the Regular Assessment of the Research Institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences 2012-2015. IAB is impressed by the seriousness and speed with which the recommendations have been taken on board. SAS clearly is in the process of building the foundations for a renewed public research organization.

IAB encourages SAS to proceed with confidence on the road towards further enhancement of its performance and recommends the following actions:

• Establishment of collaborative structures between SAS institutes and Universities, followed by development of a joint science strategy together with the partner Universities that could serve as a nucleus for a national science strategy.

• Inclusion of the rectors of 5 Universities as external members of the SAS scientific board.

• SAS to agree with University rectors that it will be a partner organization in the up-coming inter-university doctoral school program.

• SAS to engage with Universities in redesign of research-based curricula, and SAS faculty to engage in educational activities in research Universities.

• IAB strongly supports the activities put forward by the SAS Young Academy, particularly outreach to high schools, and advises to scale up these activities.

• SAS to take full advantage of all of its international networks, such as KMM-VIN.

• SAS to be cautious in selection of “top journals” in the context of a rewarding program.

• Management training should be put in place.

• Inter-disciplinarity, inclusiveness and internationalisation should be at the core of the research strategy of SAS.

• SAS Institutes’ Directors are encouraged to share to share good practice in development of their institutional strategies.

• SAS to reflect on the wider impact of its research programs and to further expand its society-oriented programs.

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Rokovanie Medzinárodného poradného výboru SAV s členmi Predsedníctva SAV.
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Medzinárodný poradný výbor SAV s predsedom SAV prof. Pavlpom Šajgalíkom.
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Prof. Monica Ferraris z Univerzity v Turíne.
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Prof. Marja Makarowová a prof. Pavol Šajgalík.