Meeting of the European Commission Committee for Future Accelerators

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On 18 - 19 May 2018, the European Committee for Future Accelerators was held at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The Commission is tasked with coordinating research into the use of accelerator technology in various disciplines. Committee member and ex officio CEO of CERN Fabio Gianotti, visited the Slovak Republic and SAS.
On May 18, the ECFA Committee held an open session at the SAS Auditorium at Patronka (Bratislava). Representatives of individual research groups from the Slovak Republic gave presentations. The meeting was opened by SAS Chairman Pavol Šajgalík and the General Director of the Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Slovak Republic, Marek Hajduk.
At the beginning of the program, the chairman of the Cooperation Committee of the Slovak Republic with CERN, Branislav Sitár, presented a report. He briefly summed up all Slovak activities in the field of accelerator use. Subsequently, they spoke with the report on cooperation of Slovak business entities with CERN and plans for the future of Ladislav Vargovčík and Barbora Bruant Gulejová. Marián Kireš concluded the first part of his contribution to education in the Slovak Republic in the field of physics.
The second section was opened by Ivan Melo with a lecture on popularization activities in the field of nuclear and particle physics. They then reported on the participation of Slovak scientists on experiments NA62, ALICE and ATLAS in CERN Tomáš Blažek, Ivan Králik and Stanislav Tokár.
The afternoon session of the meeting was opened by Martin Venhart with a detailed report on nuclear physics research in the Slovak Republic. He mainly focused on IS521 and IS581 experiments at the ISOLDE experimental facility at CERN, designed and maintained by physicists from the SAS Physical Institute. Subsequently, Fedor Šimkovic, Pavol Bobík and Tomáš Blažek presented contributions on neutrinos physics, particle astrophysics and theoretical physics.
ECFA positively evaluated the diversity of research in particle and nuclear physics in Slovakia. The Committee congratulated the group of the Nuclear Physics Department at SAS for the significant expansion and attraction of young people it has achieved over the past eight years. The extremely positive Committee highlighted the fact that Martin Venhart and Martin Veselský of the SAS Physics Institute are leading CERN experiments. The Committee also expressed deep concern at the fact that there is currently not a single ERC grant in the Slovak Republic.
Photo: Marcel Matiašovič

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