Greece is interested in working more closely with SAS

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A new space for more intensive international cooperation is opening up for the Slovak Academy of Sciences with scientific institutions and partners in Greece. This was initiated by Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Greece, Iveta Hricova, who prepared her team for a working visit to SAS chairman prof. Pavol Šajgalík from 25th to 28th of April which had a busy and very efficient program.
"We are pleased with the Greek side's interest in closer scientific co-operation with our institutes and scientific teams,” says prof. Pavol Šajgalík. "That is why our discussions with Greece's alternate Minister for Science and Innovation, Kostas Fotakis and the President of the Greek National Research Foundation, Vasilis G. Gregoriou, have been very successful. We have reached an agreement on the creation of joint scientific research projects, preceded by an official visit by the Greek delegation to us, with the ambition of specifying areas where cooperation would be mutually beneficial and stimulating. "
Part of the working visit of prof. Pavol Šajgalík also included a tour of the modern technology used in archaeological excavations as well as a meeting with professor Christofilis Maggidis. This resulted in interest from the Greek side in the experience of our specialists from the SAS Archaeological Institute which will once again expand its activities.
"Greek scientists are currently researching the golden treasury in Mycenae, and they still have a great deal of undiscovered artefacts underground. They are interested in their methods of exploring beneath the Earth's surface. Thanks to our unique methods in Slovakia, many important finds have taken place here. The Greek side has therefore prepared two projects they would like us to partake in, "Pavol Šajgalík said
In addition to other incentives, the working trip also resulted in an agreement to prepare a Memorandum on SAS collaboration with the University of Patras which has achieved exceptional results in South-East Europe. (spn)

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Rokovanie s alternujúcim ministrom pre vedu a inovácie Grécka Kostasom Fotakisom.
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Prijatie prof. P. Šajgalíka najvyššími predstaviteľmi vedy v Grécku v spoločnosti veľvyslankyne SR v Grécku Ivety Hricovej.
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Prehliadka technoparku v Patrase.
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Stretnutie s prof. Christofilisom Maggidisom pri archeologických témach.