Science and Technology Week begins in Slovakia

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In the presence of Martina Lubyová, Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic and representatives of partner institutions and organizations, the 14th Science and Technology Week began in Bratislava on 6 November. Its motto is: Know, understand, develop and this year also brings hundreds of events with scientific and technical themes all over Slovakia.
"Science and technology in Slovakia are struggling with a number of problems not only in terms of financing but also in the field of societal recognition of these results. It is precisely events such as these that aim to promote the results of science, to bring science closer to the public, but in particular to attract interest among youth," said Minister of Education, Martina Lubyová.
SAS Vice-Chairperson Prof. Juraj Koppel recalled the tradition of the many events offered by the Academy, including the opening of public institutes, workshops, lectures and competitions throughout the week. (The detailed program can be found in the article: SAS Events during Science and Technology Week.)
The TVT event was prepared by the Slovak Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport in cooperation with the Centre for Scientific and Technical Information (CVTI) of the Slovak Republic. A wide range of scientific institutions offer a wide range of events during the week of November 12. The culmination of the Week of Science and Technology in Slovakia will be a gala evening on the occasion of the award of the Science and Technology Prize, which will take place on Thursday 9 November. This year will also see around 400 events being held throughout Slovakia focusing on the popularization of science and technology. A list of all events is available on the website in the TVT Events section
Photo: Stano Ščepán

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Týždeň vedy a techniky ponúka aj v roku 2017 takmer 400 podujatí.
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Príhovor Prof. Juraja Koppela, podpredsedu SAV.
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Ministerka školstva Martina Lubyová pri jednom z exponátov s hybnosťou telies a uhlov odrazu.
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Prehliadka expozície Dizajn - symbióza vedy v bratislavskom Auréliu.
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TVT 2017.