Closer cooperation between SAS and the Slovak National Theatre established

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At first glance they appear to be different and yet they are more intertwined than one initially thinks. Science and culture: specifically scientific research and the world of theatre. To be even more specific, the Slovak National Theatre.
President of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, prof. Pavol Šajgalík and the General Director of the Slovak National Theatre, Marián Chudovský, have signed a joint Memorandum of Cooperation between the two institutions in Bratislava. On the SNT side, the ambition is to establish closer and in particular, professionally guaranteed cooperation in the field of research from various aspects of art ranging from aesthetics, through history and art theory to psychology, the sociology of theatre art to the field of economic culture. The memorandum states that SAS will participate in SNT centenary activities in the year 2020. The SNT will reciprocally create conditions for SAS researchers for the availability of materials that map the history and present of SNT.
Both sides agree that the popularization of art and science could be very beneficial to both, as well as being attractive and advantageous from the specialized point of view.
Text and photo: Stano Ščepán

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Marián Chudovský a Pavol Šajgalík v diskusii pred podpisom spoločného memoradna o spolupráci SND a SAV.
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