Workshop Philosophical analysis: Logic, Semantics, Metaphysics, Epistemoogy

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The workshop is a collaboration between philosophers from the University of Vienna and the Institute for Philosophy at the Slovak Academy of Sciences. There will be 7 participants, 3 on the Slovak side and 4 on the Austrian side.

The workshop is organised by Martin Vacek ( and Dan Zeman ( Attendance is free, but please send a message to if you want to attend (for logistic reasons).

One day workshop
Institute of Philosophy
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Klemensova 19, 811 09


10.00-10.45: Dan Zeman (University of Vienna), "Multiple Indexing Relativism"
10.50-11.35: Marián Zouhar (Slovak Academy of Sciences), "Non-Doxastic Disagreement about Taste and Requisites"
Coffee break
12.00-12.45: Miloš Kosterec (Slovak Academy of Sciences), "New paradox for TIL?"
Lunch break
14.00-14.45: Tom Fery (University of Vienna), “The Apparent Self-Refutation of Equal Weight“
15.50-16.35: Robin McKenna (University of Vienna), "Epistemological Consequences of Cultural Cognition"
Cofee break
17.00-17.40: Delia Belleri (University of Vienna), "Easy Ontology: Semantic and Epistemic Challenges"
17.45-18.30: Martin Vacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences), "Fiction: Indispensable!"

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