Isreal creates better conditions for scientific development than SAS

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"This is an extremely low budget," claimed Prof. Joseph Klafter, Tel Aviv University President, on hearing the presentation of SAS chairman prof. Pavel Šajgalík on our most important scientific institutions.
Discussion on cooperation between Slovakia and Israel in science and research, is a legitimate one and derives from the current possibilities of both countries as well as from the philosophy of the policy of the governments of both countries. Prof. Joseph Klafter traveled to Slovakia on the invitation of the SAS President following their meeting during the visit of Slovak President Andrej Kiska in March 2017 in Israel. In the presence of all three SAS vice-presidents from the various departments of science and the scientific secretary of the SAS, they evaluated the current forms of work and in particular, discussed further possibilities for cooperation among scientists and scientific teams of Slovakia and Israel. Prof. Joseph Klafter had specific questions such as on the possibilities of studying at SAS institutes, deploying SAS jobs in Slovakia, innovative initiatives and major projects.
An interesting discussion was held by comparing the number and quality of universities in Slovakia and Israel, but also on the retention of top young scientists. SAS has already collaborated in its institutes and at the same time offers further development of cooperation with Israel, especially with experts from Telaviv University. Openings are being made in a number of areas that are both interesting and pertinent for both parties for example in the field of hydrology, geology and Earth Sciences. Israel is also interested in projects from the SAS Institute of Experimental Physics, the SAS Polymer Institute, the Institute of Molecular Biology and several biomedical sciences projects, in particular at the Biomedical Center of SAS. The scope of interest of both parties is considerable and will be made more specific through exchanges and traineeships of our experts in Israel and vice versa, as well as in joint workshops that both parties are interested in. On Monday, Prof. Joseph Klafter and his wife will visit the SAS complex on Dúbravská cesta, specifically the SAS Polymer Institute, the SAS Chemical Institute, the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, and the SAS Institute of Physics.

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Rokovanie vedenia SAV s prof. Josephom Klafterom.
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Prof. Joseph Klafter s prof. Pavlom Šajgalíkom.
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Pobyt hostí z Izraela na Slovensku potrvá do 10. októbra.