Chemists walk in the High Tatras

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Ten sections, a full program with twenty items and up to 330 participants - this was the basic structure of the 69th Chemists Walk which took place from 11 to 15 September in Stary Smokovec. The main organizer of the event was the Slovak Chemical Society in cooperation with the Czech Chemical Society. President of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska was event patron.
As highlighted at the opening ceremony of the conference by the Presidents of the Slovak and Czech Chemical Society - prof. Peter Šimon and prof. Jan John, the Chemist Walk has an extraordinary tradition and high expertise in the pan-European space. The chairmen of the organizing committee of the event Ing. Mária Omastová DrSc. and prof. Viktor Milata commended the great interest in participation (an increase of fifty this year) and the rising trend of participation of young chemists (45 percent of participants were under 35). The Mayor of the High Tatras Ing. Ján Mokoš was also present as was SAS chairman prof. Pavol Šajgalík, who also presented the introductory plenary lecture on the topic: Ceramic based on silicon nitride and the amazing multiplicity of its use. He identified the exceptional properties of Si3N4 and its potential uses in the technical sphere, light and biomedicine as a bio-inert material suitable for replacing part of a bone in the human body.
The session at the Grand Hotel Bellevue occurred in ten sections: Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nano Material Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Polymers, Nuclear Chemistry, Chemistry Teaching and History, Environment, Food and Biotechnology, Chemprogress - Chemical Technologies. Experts offered as many as 135 lectures, as well as poster presentations by attendees. An important part of the event was the awarding of top personalities and their contribution to the development of the Slovak Chemical Society. Also part of the event was the announcement of the results of the Shimadzu Prize for young workers under 30 in the area of instrumental analytical chemistry. (spn)

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Otvorenie 69. Zjazdu chemikov.
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Čestné predsedníctvo počas otvorenia zjazdu.
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Medzi ocenenými je aj Ing. Miroslav Koóš DrSc., riaditeľ Chemického ústavu SAV v spoločnosti Ing. Márie Omastovej, DrSc., prof. Viktora Milatu a prof. Petra Šimona.