National Council approves law on Public Research Institutions

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This week, members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic proceeded to a third reading of the draft law on public research institutions and subsequently approved it. After several years of preparation of this legislation, the academy has definitively paved the way for the transformation of institutions from state to public entities.

"Adopting this Act means the opening of the opportunity for the Slovak Academy of Sciences to become a full and competitive member of the European Research Area, as we reach the same legal and economic level as similar institutions in neighbouring countries. This will make it easier for us to participate in European projects, but I would like to emphasize even more direct and intimate contact with the business and the private sector, where SAS has had a certain deficit to date", says SAS Chairman Pavol Šajgalík.

The Law on a Public Research Institution will allow individual institutions to transform and thereby modify funding that is multi-source. At the same time, the institution will open up to the needs of industry and entrepreneurs and set up start-ups or spinoffs.

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