Joanna Goszczyńska receives the SAS International Award

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The Scientific Council of the Slovak Academy of Sciences will be presenting the International SAS Prize for Excellent Work in the Field of Science and Culture to Prof. Dr. hab. Joanne Goszczyńska on 8th September 2017 in the Mirror Hall of the Primal Palace in Bratislava.
Professor Goszczyńska is a prominent Polish literary, Slavic and Slovakian scientist. She has been working with the Slovak Academy of Sciences and other Slovak institutions for a long time in the field of scientific research, projects and publications. Her professional career has been linked to the University of Warsaw since the beginning, and since 2008 she has been the director of the Institute of Western Slavonic and South Slavic Studies. Among other things, in 2010, the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic awarded her the St. Gorazd Medal.

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