Solar cycle in attention of solar physics in High Tatras

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Astronomical Institute (AI SAS) and Congress Centre Academia of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Stará Lesná are a meeting point of solar physicists from nine countries from 4 to 7 October, 2010.

Astronomers from High Tatras organize EAST Workshop on Solar Physics "Science with Synoptic Solar Telescopes" in cooperation with The European Association for Solar Telescopes (EAST). They are taking under a close view the solar cycle and synoptic observations of the Sun. Synoptic or patrol observations are long-term, systematic, and dedicated observations of various manifestations of solar activity and solar oscillations allowing to study long-term variations of observed quantities. The best known result of such observations is the time series of Wolf sunspot number, which is related to the number of sunspots and groups of sunspots on the visible solar disk. Another important results of synoptic solar observations are precise measurements of temporal variations of total solar irradiance. These measurements are fundamental for an accurate evaluation of the ratio by which the Sun, as one from many factors, contributes to the ongoing climatic changes.

AI SAS runs high-altitude observatory of AI SAS on the Lomnicky Peak, which performs long-term systematic patrol observations of the solar corona and prominences. In the close future these observations will be extended about measurements of velocities in coronal plasma and coronal magnetic fields by the new coronal spectropolarimeter CoMP-S.

EAST associates solar physicists from 15 European countries and AI SAS is one of its members. The goal of EAST is to ensure access of European solar astronomers to world-class high-resolution ground-based observing facilities. In order to achieve this goal, EAST intends to develop, construct and operate a next-generation large aperture European Solar Telescope (EST) on the Canary Islands.

J. Koza, A. Kučera, J. Rybák, photo: P. Bendík

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Participants of the EAST meeting under the Lomnicky Peak.
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A director of Astronomical Institute SAS RNDr. A. Kučera, CSc. in the wellcome address of the EAST meeting.
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Frank Hill from National Solar Observatory in Tucson (USA) speaks about the solar cycle.
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Wolf relative sunspot numer (y axis) in the period 1610 - 2000.
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Variations of the total solar irradiance in the years 1978 - 2009. Acronyms above the curve are the names of space radiometers (source: PMOD-WRC).
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A poster of the EAST meeting.