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Review SAS laboratories joined the international EU-NETVAL network
[18.11.2020] 286x
Review Success in the Lush Prize competition
[13.11.2020] 228x
Review The Week of Science and Technology begins on Monday
[9.11.2020] 755x
Review UNESCO has declared November 10 as World Science Day for Peace and Development
[9.11.2020] 202x
Review SAS continues in its most successful project to fight against brain drain
[2.11.2020] 593x
Review Outstanding young scientist Tamás Csanádi investigates deformations of brittle ceramics
[30.10.2020] 298x
Review Scientists at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry SAS run a unique laboratory
[27.10.2020] 648x
Review The ESET company awarded exceptional Slovak scientists
[15.10.2020] 482x
Review New data about Venus to be given to the world also thanks to the physicists of the SAS
[15.10.2020] 436x
Review Slovak and Czech scientists described the phenomenon that occurs when a bacterial cell die
[15.10.2020] 324x
Review The laureates of the L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science competition have received their awards
[13.10.2020] 623x
Review The Hydrogen Technology Research Centre to be established in Košice
[21.9.2020] 446x
Review A bold step in the right direction
[17.8.2020] 690x
Review The first Slovak scientific institution to be awarded the “HR Excellence in Research”
[22.7.2020] 828x
Review SAS scientists have developed a unique material for dental implants
[16.7.2020] 1234x
Review Košice scientists are participating in a space mission to Jupiter
[3.7.2020] 694x
Review Flood regime of rivers in the Danube River basin
[29.6.2020] 555x
Review The cluster´s priorities are internationalization in science and support of Slovak scientists
[24.6.2020] 656x
Review The laureates of the Scientist of the Year SR 2019 award
[17.6.2020] 807x
Review The shapes in the atomic nucleus communicate with each other in a different way than the scientists have thought till now
[26.5.2020] 680x