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In: Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review, vol. 44, no. 2

Ideální typy v díle Maxe Webera

Helena Kubátová

ISSN 0049-1225 ISSN 1336-8613 (print)

Year, pages: 2012, 159-178

Published: 0000-00-00

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The Ideal-Type in the Works of Max Weber. This paper is divided into two parts. The first focuses on inserting the ideal-type into the context of Weber’s conception of social reality and methodology. Weber’s conception of the ideal-type is compared with Durkheim’s conception of the social type. The second part of the paper is devoted to Weber’s ideal-type as a methodological construct. It relies on a general definition of the ideal-type and also on a conception of different kinds of the ideal-type: the historical (genetic) ideal-type, the general sociological ideal-type, and the ideal-type of social action. Attention is paid to differences and similarities between these different kinds of the ideal-type. Finally, two applications of the ideal-type are given. Sociológia 2012, Vol. 44 (No. 2: 159-178)

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Kubátová, H. 2012. Ideální typy v díle Maxe Webera. In Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review, vol. 44, no.2, pp. 159-178.

Kubátová, H. (2012). Ideální typy v díle Maxe Webera. Sociológia - Slovak Sociological Review, 44(2), 159-178.

Keywords: ideal-type; social type; adequate for the level of meaning; causally adequate; explanatory understanding; related to the values