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In: Slovenská literatúra, vol. 48, no. 6
Marcela Mikulová

Premeny žánrových funkcií – črta u Tajovského


Year, pages: 2002, 433 - 441
Article type: Vedecká štúdia / Study

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Between the 19th and 20th century sketch as a genre has function as “a code of the period. “ Because of its relevance, making analogy to lyric, it can be consider as a “commercial”, everyday written literature. The sketch of Tajovský disposes with an inner tension of fragment. Its characteristic feature is elegiac discrepancy between old and new one, basic existential universalities as good and evil or birth and death. Sketch is an open polemic with a big epic based on presumption of possibility to show trustworthy picture of totality of the world. It is potential to be in close touch with life but at the same time it has ability of mythological draft so it is generally valid and universal. Tajovský gave to sketch a new and relevant content – he put his semantic stress on human suffering, falling, compassion. He even implanted some legend, ode and hagiography features to the sketch. A reader had an impression of authenticity and direct communication because of various literary means – from intervention of a direct narrator to the text to using of authenticity of a folk language. The sketch was very communicative understandable, and open because of its simplicity and triviality. It bore potency of renewing a degenerated, mocked-up culture.

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Mikulová, M. 2002. Premeny žánrových funkcií – črta u Tajovského . In Slovenská literatúra, vol. 48, no.6, pp. 433-441. 0037 – 6973.

Mikulová, M. (2002). Premeny žánrových funkcií – črta u Tajovského . Slovenská literatúra, 48(6), 433-441. 0037 – 6973.