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Studia Politica Slovaca


Publisher: Institute of Political Sciences SAS

Language: Slovak, English



Ústav politických vied SAV
Dúbravská cesta 9
841 04 Bratislava

STUDIA POLITICA SLOVACA. Journal for political science, contemporary history and international relations is indexed in CEEOL, ERIH PLUS, CEJSH and additional databases.

ISSN 1337-8163 (print)
ISSN 2585-8459 (online)

General Information

Studia Politica Slovaca is a peer-reviewed journal for political science, contemporary political history and international relations.
The mission of the journal published by the Institute of Political Science SAS is to contribute to general knowledge and to improve public understanding and awareness of political relations on a national and international scale by publishing academic papers and other information covering a wide range of genres by authors of diverse conceptual positions and political orientations.
The journal brings to the fore political theory, presenting results of the research into political systems, political activities and their selected aspects, the history of political thought, recent political history and issues of international relations.
The structure of the journal is as follows: the Studies and Analyses section constitutes the backbone of the journal; the News section provides brief accounts of academic projects, events and political science institutions. In addition to regular updates on academic events such as conferences, symposiums, seminars, doctoral defences and habilitations (second or higher doctoral defences), information on research projects and outcomes of the research conducted by the Institute of Political Science SAS, partner institutes and other institutions is provided as well. The final section brings reviews and annotations of selected academic works.
The Studia Politica Slovaca journal is published on a semi-annual basis in a standard academic format; it is aimed at scientific community, experts, humanities university students and the general public at large.
Publication policies and guidelines for authors
The journal accepts submissions of original scholarly and research articles in the field of political science, recent political history and international relations. Contributions are peer-reviewed by experts in their respective disciplines. Peer-reviewed papers are then examined and judged by the members of the editorial board. Based on the results of the peer reviews and recommendations from the editorial board, contributions may be returned to their authors for appropriate revision. The publication of the contributions is decided by the editorial board, which reserves the right to reject those submissions that do not comply with the required criteria regarding the scope of the journal, degree of scientific contribution or specified format. Contributions submitted to several journals simultaneously will not be given further consideration by the editorial board of Studia Politica Slovaca, as such conduct is deemed to be unethical.

Editor-in-chief: PhDr. Miroslav Pekník, CSc.
Executive Editor: PhDr. Peter Dinuš, PhD.
Editorial Board:
Mgr. Norbert Kmeť, CSc. (Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)
Mgr. Juraj Marušiak, PhD. (Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)
PhDr. Zuzana Poláčková, CSc. (Institute of History, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)
Prof. PhDr. Marcela Gbúrová, CSc. (Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)
Doc. Mgr. Peter Juza, CSc. (University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Trnava, Slovak Republic)
Prof. PhDr. Oskar Krejčí, CSc. (College of International and Public Relations, Prague, Czech Republic)
Prof. PhDr. Svetozár Krno, CSc. (Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovak Republic)
Doc. PhDr. Jozef Lysý, CSc. (Institute of Political Science, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic)
Prof. PhDr. Darina Malová, PhD. (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Doc. PhDr. František Škvrnda, CSc. (University of Economics, Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
Prof. PhDr. Zdeněk Veselý, CSc. (University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic)