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Slovenská archeológia

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Publisher: Institute of Archaeology

ISSN 1335-0102 (print)

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Archeologický ústav SAV
Akademická 2
949 21 Nitra

ISSN - 1335-0102

Publisher: Archeologický ústav SAV, Akademická 2, 949 21 Nitra
The SLOVENSKÁ ARCHEOLÓGIA - peer reviewed journal - publishes original scientific works dealing with the most important archaeological finds and issues of investigation of prehistory, protohistory, medieval and early modern period in Slovakia and Central Europe. Its content overlaps the related disciplines and natural sciences. It evaluates major expert events, brings important personalia and reviews scientific works dealing with the territory of Central Europe.

Published twice a year.

General editor: PhDr. G. Fusek, CSc.

Tel. : (+421/037) 73357 38
Fax : (+421/037) 73356 18