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Životné prostredie

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Publisher: Institute of Landscape Ecology

Language: Slovak, Czech or English with En



REDAKCIA / Editorial Office
Ústav krajinnej ekológie SAV, Štefánikova 3, P. O. Box 254, 814 99 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 2 2092 0318

EV 3187/09
ISSN 0044-4863

Životné prostredie (The Environment) is a peer-reviewed journal
focusing on the current theoretical, methodological and practical issues of
landscape ecological and environmental research. The journal is published
four times a year in Slovak, Czech or English language with an English
abstract. The scope of the journal includes published original scientific
works in basic and applied research, discussion papers, news, information on
conferences and book reviews. Papers published in the main monothematic
part of the journal are requested (such as scientific papers in domestic, noncurrent,
non-impacted journals). To provide Open Access to online research
outputs, the Životné prostredie journal is freely available on its website