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Institute: Institute of Geotechnics SAS

CA18112: Mechanochemistry for Sustainable Industry
CA18112: Mechanochémia pre obnoviteľný priemysel
Program: COST
Project leader: RNDr. Baláž Matej PhD.
Annotation:Organic mechanochemistry has been shown to enable the reduction, or the elimination, of solvents, while ensuring increased yields and scope of substrates compared to solution-phase synthesis, better crystallinity of final products, and access to products that can be formed only under mechanical activation conditions. This COST Action aims at establishing a multi-disciplinary network of European scientists, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors addressing the exploitation of mechanical activation in the production of chemicals through sustainable and economically convenient practices on the medium and large scales. Specifically, this Action addresses the objective of harmonizing fundamental and applied research with technological innovation and industrial needs, representing the necessary step for enhancing the impact of mechanical processing onto organic synthesis and transferring specific knowledge into the industrial value chains. The Action aims to nucleate a critical mass of actors from EU research Institutions, enterprises and industries, bringing together different areas of expertise and application. The creation of an authoritative community to promote the study of mechanochemistry and encourage its utilization in production processes will catalyze strategic advances in European chemical industry. The favorable features of mechanically activated (organic) transformations is expected to enable the attainment of far-reaching objectives connected with the development of green economy, the improvement of European market competitors’ capabilities, the innovation of process engineering, and the growth of a new generation of specialized researchers.
Duration: 1.5.2019 - 30.4.2023

The proposed joint project is aimed at the development of novel nanocrystalline oxide electrolytes with modified structures and morphologies and enhanced functional properties for high-temperature electrochemical energy conversion and storage technologies
Elektrolyty na báze komplexných oxidov pre výrobu energie: Mechanosyntéza a elektrochemické vlastnosti.
Program: Bilateral - other
Project leader: RNDr. Fabián Martin PhD.
Annotation:The proposed joint project is aimed at the development of novel nanocrystalline oxide electrolytes with modified structures and morphologies and enhanced functional properties for high-temperature electrochemical energy conversion and storage technologies. The main objectives include preparation of complex perovskite-type oxides with designed compositions employing calcination-free mechanochemical synthesis optimized for a short reaction time, development of sintering procedures for fabrication of dense electrolyte ceramics with controlled grain-size distribution, and systematic analysis of relationships between composition, (micro)structure and ionic transport. Non-conventional mechanosynthesis approach is envisaged as cost-effective and fast route forfabrication of solid electrolytematerialswith controlled microstructure and improved electrochemical performance, and thus encompasses a promising pathway contributing to development of electrochemical storage for renewable energy.
Duration: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2020

Nanoporous and Nanostructured Materials for Medical Applications
Nanopórovité a nanoštruktúrne materiály pre medicínske aplikácie
Program: Horizon 2020
Project leader: Ing. Václavíková Miroslava PhD.
Annotation:The main focus of this project is on developing advanced and more efficient methods of treatment of radiation sickness, radio-related toxicity, heavy metal poisoning and radiation cancerogenesis prevention. In this inter- and multidisciplinary project the applicants bring together complementary expertise in physical chemistry and chemical engineering, pharmacology, biochemistry, toxicology and medicine that would be transferred across the discipline boundaries and bring innovative and original solutions to develop a nanoporous sorbent-based method of health protection by adsorbing the target substances that are not currently removed or neutralised by alternative existing systems.
Duration: 1.1.2017 - 31.12.2020

Solutions for Critical Raw Materials Under Extreme Conditions
Riešenie problému kritických surovín pre materiály v kritických podmienkach
Program: COST
Project leader: Dr.h.c. prof. RNDr. Baláž Peter DrSc.
Annotation:Project is aimed at substitution of critical raw materials used in preparation of advanced alloys and composites under extreme conditions of temperature,loading, wear and shear in energy,,car and traffic sectors
Duration: 10.3.2016 - 9.3.2020

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