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Institute: Institute for Research in Social Communication SAS

Identifying evidence-based methods to effectively combat discrimination of the Roma in the changing political climate of Europe
Identifikácia metód založených na dôkazoch, ktoré umožnia efektívne bojovať proti diskriminácii Rómov v meniacej sa politickej klíme v Európe
Program: Multilateral - other
Project leader: Mgr. Lášticová Barbara PhD.
Annotation:The main objective of the project is: (1)Identify the effects of political discourse on antigypsyism, and on negative and positive forms of collective action. (2) Evaluate and improve anti-discrimination interventions in terms of how they reduce prejudice, and influence collective action for and against the Roma. The following activities will be carried out throughout the project: (1) Public opinion surveys from representative samples in 5 countries (RO, HU, SK, IRE, FR) to measure the relationships between political discourse, antigypsyism and collective action intentions; (2) Content analysis of dominant political discourse regarding the Roma; (3) Systematic evaluation of anti-discrimination; (4) Lab experiments about the influence of social norms on collective action; (5)Focus group discussions with stakeholders (Roma representatives, local, national, and EU officials, NGOs); (6) Establishing a sounding forum to advise and evaluate project. Antigypsyism measure and survey results will be available in and outside academia. Recommendations will be disseminated directly to practitioners and stakeholders. The expected result is to create a toolkit to help design and improve anti-discrimination interventions. This toolkit will be based on a systematic analysis of the normative context of 5 European countries, public opinion surveys and experimental data, and an overview of interventions rolled out during the Roma inclusion decade. The project is supported by "Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme", DG Justice and Consumers, grant number 808062 — PolRom — REC-AG-2017/REC-RDIS-DISC-AG-2017.
Duration: 1.11.2018 - 31.8.2021

Underrepresented research areas in social psychology
Nedostatočne reprezentované oblasti výskumu v sociálnej psychológii
Program: Other
Project leader: Mgr. Lášticová Barbara PhD.
Annotation:Research on the systems of scientific knowledge production has repeatedly shown that they are unequal, based on power structures favoring historically dominant groups and nations, and present unique and complex problems for scholars in the global South. These systems legitimize internationalized research above local production and dissemination, while linking career development and research funding to “international” evaluations based on Anglophone and North Atlantic conformity. Many social scientists have used decolonial, liberation, and indigenous approaches to describe, explain, and counteract these problems. This project aims to present a nuanced understanding of the state of contemporary social psychological research production, utilizing sociological and decolonial theory and qualitiative and quantitative evidence.
Duration: 1.9.2017 - 31.8.2020

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