SAS Offers for Commercial Sphere

Code Title Type Year
IMC-T-01-00001-UPo Development and production of special adhesives and sealant. Technology 2001
IMC-T-00-00001-UPo Analysis of multi-component polymer blends. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00001-PaU Antigen for routine diagnosis of toxocarosis. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00001-CHU Method of linking of the biologically active compounds containing amino-group with polysacharides. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00001-UEF Production of device VISCODENS. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00001-ElU Production of semiconductor radiation X- and gamma-ray Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00001-FU Special materials prepared by the planar flow casting rapid solidification technique. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00002-UPo Adhesives with permanent stickiness VERMIFIX / ECOFIX Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00002-CHU Method of preparation of the water-soluble sulfo-derivatives of microbial (1->3)-b-D-glucans. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00002-PaU Specific antigen for diagnosis of trichellosis in animals (pigs). Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00003-PaU Endemic antigen for serological diagnosis of Lyme borreliosis. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00003-UPo Mini-columns for solid phase extraction SEPARCOL, CARB-SEAL. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00003-CHU Plumbagin-naphthoquinone pigment. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00004-PaU Liposomes as vaccine carriers Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00004-CHU Production of cellulase Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00004-UPo Wide - pore silica gels with pore diameters 20 - 100 nm. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00005-CHU Production of cellobiose. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00005-UPo Removing of ammonium vapors from the building interiors. Technology 2000
IMC-T-00-00006-UPo Removing of ammonium vapours from the building interiors. Technology 2000