SAS Offers for Commercial Sphere

Code Title Type Year
IMC-P-17-0021-UI Development of micro-electromechanical sensors. Product 2017
IMC-P-17-0022-UI Development of software products. Product 2017
IMC-P-15-0026-UI Speech synthesis and speech analysis products in Slovak Product 2015
IMC-P-01-0021-UM Infrared thermometer IRT. Product 2001
IMC-P-00-0021-UPo Adhesives with permanent stickiness CELUPOL Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-UACH Ceramic components Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-UEF Cryocaunter KRYOGYN Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-FU Instrument for measuring specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials (Thermophysical Transient Tester RT 1.02) Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-MAMES Materials prepared by directional solidification. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-UGt Nuclear humidity detector Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-CHU Rare sacharids and their derivats Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-UMB The Escherichia coli L-treonine producer. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0021-NiU The set of mouse-hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies against tau proteint, beta amyloid protein and tyrosine kinase receptors. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-MAMES Aluminium (titanium) based composite material reinforced with continuous boron (SiC, steel) fibres. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-CHU Biopolymer surfactants on the basis of amphiphilic biodegradable polysaccharide derivatives Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-UMB Development of bioreactor system with immobilisied microbial degraders of crude oil substances and phenol type pollutants. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-UPo Electrically conductive adhesives / sealant ELEKTROPOL Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-FU Instrument for measuring specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials (Thermophysical Transient Tester RTCE) . Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0022-UGt Processing of wastes formed during the treatment of salt brine for agricultural purposes Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-MAMES Coating of tows of continuous carbon fibres by copper or nickel. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-UI Design and realization of integrated circuits Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-UMB Fermentation processes improvement. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-CHU Oligosaccharides with regulating and signal properties. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-UGt Optimiser of rock disintegration processes Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-UPo Repair adhesives / sealant TERMOPOL and FLEXOPOL Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0023-FU Sensor thermometer/heater. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-UPo Adhesive for application in rail tracks RAILPOL. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-MAMES Copper - carbon fibre composites with controlled thermal expansion. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-UI Design and realization of printed circuit boards Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-CHU O-3-Trimethylammonium-2-hydroxypropyl derivative of (1-4)-b D-xylan type hemicelluloses and method of preparation Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-FU Scanning Capacitance Microscope. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-UMB Testing of biodegradability of new refinery products and petrochemicals. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0024-UGt Use of iron-works originating abrasive slurries Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0025-MAMES Aluminium foam. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0025-FU Displacement transducer with high linearity. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0025-UPo Electrically conductive polymer composites based on the rubber or plastics matrix. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0025-UGt Refining of alkaline solution of thio-salt removing mercury and arsenic by cementation Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0026-UPo Macroparticulate spherical mesoporous silica gel Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0026-UGt Technology of grinding of ceramic materials Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0026-FU Versatile transient charge processor (VTCP). Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0027-UGt Electromagnetic preventer of throat of oil wells Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0027-UI Infrared image processing system Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0027-UPo Luminometer LUMIPOL Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0027-MAMES Manufacturing of composite materials using the pressure infiltration technology. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0028-UGt Complex technology of treatment and use of kaolinic and glass sands Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0028-UI Simulation of production process scheduling algorithms from the viewpoint of time and economic minimum (automatic assembling line). Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0029-MAMES Copper based composite material reinforced with continuous tungsten fibres. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0029-UGt Pellets strength meter MPP-1 Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0029-UI Thermal imaging system for process control Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0030-UI Integrated Programming System for Robot Control Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0030-UGt Method of identification of biogenous risks Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0031-UGt Technology of treatment of glass waste used for production of high effective abrasive materials Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0032-UGt Biological degradation and decontamination of oil pollution. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0033-UGt Technology of zeolitisation of fly ashes. Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0034-UGt Recovery of silver from roasted sulphide ores using chloride method Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0035-UGt Biological regeneration of ferric sulphate leaching solutions Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0036-UGt Removal of Fe from waste and technological waters Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0037-UGt Hydrometallurgic processing of collective concentrates of poly-metallic ores Product 2000
IMC-P-00-0038-UGt Density regulator DR-2 Product 2000