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Institute of Informatics

Director: Ing. Ivana Budinská PhD.
Profile of the Institute: The Institute originated from the Laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (1956) by transformation into Institute of Technical Cybernetics (1966) and Institute of Computer Systems (1991).
Slovak Academy of Sciences resolved about transformation of the ICS into Institute of Informatics, since 1999.
Since July 2001, Institute of Control Theory and Robotics has been joined to Institute of Informatics.

The scope of activities of Institute of Informatics includes scientific and research work in informatics, information technology, control theory, robotics and artificial intelligence, focused into following research directions:
- parallel and distributed computing,
- design and testing of digital systems,
- nano- and micro-structures and their realisation with the use of electron beam lithography,
- discrete processes modelling and control,
- robotics (kinematic structures, animation), mobile systems, sensors and effectors,
- speech processing and image processing.
The Institute of Informatics also deals with development of experimental laboratory equipment and printed circuit boards.
The Institute has been entered into a number of the european projects.
Products: IMC-P-17-0021-UI: Development of micro-electromechanical sensors.
IMC-P-17-0022-UI: Development of software products.
IMC-P-00-0023-UI: Design and realization of integrated circuits
IMC-P-00-0024-UI: Design and realization of printed circuit boards
IMC-P-15-0026-UI: Speech synthesis and speech analysis products in S......
IMC-P-00-0027-UI: Infrared image processing system
IMC-P-00-0028-UI: Simulation of production process scheduling algori......
IMC-P-00-0029-UI: Thermal imaging system for process control
IMC-P-00-0030-UI: Integrated Programming System for Robot Control

Services: IMC-S-00-0071-UI: Programming system for development of control logi......