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Institute of Molecular Biology

Director: Ing. Eva Kutejová DrSc.
Profile of the Institute: Institute of Molecular Biology was established in 1976 as one of follower of Biological Institute (founded in 1957). In the year 2000 Institute of Microbiology has merged in. At the present time, scientific activities of the Institute are focused on the basic research in molecular biology and biochemistry of industrially important microorganisms and protein and metabolic engineering.

Products: IMC-P-00-0021-UMB: The Escherichia coli L-treonine producer.
IMC-P-00-0022-UMB: Development of bioreactor system with immobilisied......
IMC-P-00-0023-UMB: Fermentation processes improvement.
IMC-P-00-0024-UMB: Testing of biodegradability of new refinery produc......

Services: IMC-S-00-0071-UMB: The increase of the transformation and biodegradat......