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Institute of Neuroimmunology

Director: Doc. MVDr. Norbert Žilka DrSc.
Profile of the Institute: The institute of neuroimmunology is a scientific intitution studying interaction of two information systems – neuronal and immune systém at the molecular level. The institutes explores principles and mechanisms leading to communication disorders of these systams and analyses the possibilities of inter-species transmission. The prototype of these disorders are serious neurodegenerative diseases of people and animals, caused especially by pathological proteins such as tauons and prions.Teh institute co-ordinates neuroimmunilogical research and PhD education in neuroimmunilogy in Slovakia. Within of framework of the International Centre of Neuroimunology (INIC) it co-ordinates research activities of laboratories involved in the Centre.The main collaborators of the institute are: MRC, Laboratory og Molekular Biology (Cambridge, UK), International School for Advanced Studies (Trieste), Chemical Neuropathology Laboratory (New York).
Products: IMC-P-00-0021-NiU: The set of mouse-hybridomas producing monoclonal a......