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Monitoring of the soil moisture changes in agricultural and forest ecosystems

Code: IMC-S-00-0072-UH

Institute of Hydrology

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Both agricultural and forest soils are vital for the biological activity and production. They are pivot for water transport and chemicals movement. Anthropogenic activities (channel regulations, water reservoirs, roads, etc.) influence the water movement in the soils and result in water storage changes in such regions. The measuring methods are offered for the monitoring of the soil moisture, groundwater tables, and hydrophysical parameters of the soils in regions with anthropogenic influences.


The neutron probe is in operation for soil moisture measurements, and methods for assessment of physical and hydrophysical properties of the soils are available.


Soil water regime diagnostics and estimation of the water storage in the zone of aeration in agricultural and forest ecosystems for water structures impact assessment. A method was developed and tested for statistical and analytical data processing and production of the final information on temporal and spatial variability of the soil water storage.


The staff of the Institute of Hydrology SAS is experienced in soil moisture monitoring in area of the Gabčíkovo water structure, measurement of the hydrophysical parameters of the soils, preparation of input data to mathematical models, in soil water storage assessment, and in diagnostics of the soil water regime. The database processing of the results is offered which is very suitable for water storage assessment and its graphical interpretation.


Services in obtaining of basic hydrophysical parameters of the soils, in soil moisture monitoring and soil water storage estimation. Elaboration of the appraisals and expertises in water and soil management on agreement basis.