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Evaluation of grade of necrotic disease of beech stems bark

Code: IMC-S-00-0074-UEL

Institute of Forest Ecology

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At present an enormous (locally epiphytothy) increase of tracheomycotic disease of beech stands can be observed. The decrease is visually manifested through creation of necrosis on bark of stems and branches. It is necessary to perform quantification and further monitoring of the stage of necrotic disease, namely with the aim to propose appropriate silvicultural measures leading to minimum negative impact of tracheomycosis on the beech wood mass evaluation.


An original method has been elaborated enabling the quantification and monitoring of extent of necrotic damage of beech stems bark in all its growth periods, with the possibility to predict the development of necrotic disease.


Diagnosis of necrosis disease stage of beech bark for forestry practice requirements (FE, FD, F.. D), diagnosis of the condition on requirements of the organs of national nature protection (NP, PLA).


The Institute of Forestry Ecology in Zvolen involves staff studying these problems based on their long-term experience, in more rich interconnections taking into account ecological, silvicultural and economical aspects.


Elaboration of evaluatings by experts, co-operation on design of the being prepared Standard STN „Forest protection against tracheomycosis“.