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Liposomes as vaccine carriers

Code: IMC-T-00-00004-PaU

Institute of Parasitology

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Parasitological Institute of SAS has at its disposal a procedure for incorporation of biologically active substances (drugs, vaccines) into liposomes.


Liposomes as vaccine carriers have higher immunoadjuvant effect, however without side effects in comparison with commonly used mode of vaccination.


Adjuvant effect of liposomes was confirmed in experimental immunization of rabbits by antigen of dog Parvo virus. These results were interesting for MEVAK company in Nitra.


Immunization by means of liposomed vaccines was used in a small group of animals and it is necessary to study it in field conditions.


Preparation of vaccine at cooperating company, incorporation of vaccine into liposomes at the Parasitological Institute of SAS, experimental study in animals prepared by means of the firm that is interested in effective vaccination.