SAS Offers for Commercial Sphere

Antigen for routine diagnosis of toxocarosis.

Code: IMC-T-00-00001-PaU

Institute of Parasitology

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Parasitological Institute of SAS has at its disposal the procedure of obtaining antigen from the roundworm Toxocara canis that is a very important parasite in human and veterinary medicine. The microtitration plates with binded antigen are prepared here for medical diagnostics institutions in Slovakia and Czech Republic.


It will be the commercial set for routine diagnosis of human larval toxocarosis according to ELISA method produced in the Slovak Republic, or for diagnosis of toxocarosis in dogs.


The institutions in Slovakia and Czech Republic show permanent interest for the commercial set.


the dilution solutions, substrate, control positive and negative sera and cut – off serum for completion of set are not at disposal.


The diagnostics set would be completed for its commercial use, followed by testing and production by the cooperating company.