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Displacement transducer with high linearity.

Code: IMC-P-00-0025-FU

Institute of Physics

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Displacement transducer with very low deviations from linearity, based on the proportionality of the reactance of a parallel plate capacitor with large electrodes and their distance. Compact shielded capacitive sensors with suppressed errors originating from finite size of the electrodes and electronic circuitry compensating the residual nonlinearity, were developed. The measuring range is 30 μm, extendable to 200 μm.


Compact transducer with relatively simple electronics, with deviations from linearity of ± 0,1 %, bandwidth of 400 Hz and a spectral density of noise corresponding to less than 0,5 nm/ÖHz pri 0,1 Hz. Areas of application: Measuring technique. The state of development: Mastered technology of sensor capacitor fabrication, proven electronic circuitry.


Provision of know-how.