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Scanning Capacitance Microscope.

Code: IMC-P-00-0024-FU

Institute of Physics

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The Scanning Capacitance Microscope is one of the Scanning Probe Microscopes, based on probes raster scanned in the proximity of the investigated surface. In contrast to Scanning Electron Microscopes, it does not require high vacuum – it can be operated in normal atmosphere or in liquids. It is suited to imaging conducting surfaces, with resolution as high as 10 nm, or surfaces coated by insulating films where the resolution is somewhat reduced. It has a special position in the analysis of semνconductor structures and it is considered to be the only non-destructive analysis tool, with resolution meeting the requirements of semiconductor industry for future generation of integrated circuits. Innovative points: Capacitance microscopes offered by leading producers of Scanning Probe Microscopes are based on a different principle and offer less possibilities than the instrument developed at the Institute of Physics.


Machinery, materials research, semiconductor industry, measuring instruments, quality ensurance. The state of development: A proven Scanning Probe Microscope equipped with a prototype scanning head combining a tunneling and capacitance microscope, with top sensitivity and resolution.


Know-how for introduction of small-scale production, eventually production of the unit.