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Laboratory for measurement of weak magnetic fields

Code: IMC-S-01-0071-UM

Institute of Measurement Science

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Since 1972 in the Laboratory of Magnetometry we have been dealing with measuring methods and systems based on application of the macroscopic quantum coherence of the superconducting state. Close to the Institute a special laboratory was built which enables to measure the magnetic fields with the spectral sensitivity of 20 fT Hz-1/2, it means the magnetic fields by 9 orders lower than the stationary geomagnetic field. This special laboratory is equipped with unique measuring systems - superconducting quantum magnetometers (SQM) with RF or DC SQUIDs, superconducting gradiometers of 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd order, large-dimensional Helmholtz coil system and RF shielding, cryogenic equipment enabling the work with liquid Helium and Nitrogen including non-magnetic low-noise fiberglass cryostats and Dewar vessels. The level of research is presented by the results which placed this laboratory on the leading position in Czechoslovakia (measuring systems and methods for measurement of the fluctuations of the geomagnetic field, measurement of biomagnetic fields of the hearth, brain and application of the SQMs in the nuclear research).


Measurement of very weak magnetic fields generated by living organisms or by their parts. Non-destructive methods of material testing (identification of the subsurface defects of the conducting and non-conducting materials, e.g. defects of rivet connections, corrosion of the steel armatures of the concrete constructions). Development of the methods for identification of the toxic substances or undesired subjects, e.g. parasites in the food chain. Research of magnetic properties of the new materials and substances. Influence of the magnetic fields on chemical reactions, metabolism or health state of the organism. Magnetic methods of the environment monitoring. Noninvasive methods of the illness diagnostics (focuses of the epilepsy, ischaemis hearth disease).


Analysis and solution of concrete tasks, development of new magnetic methods and systems on the basis of contract with the customer or with declared international cooperation.