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Instrument for measuring specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of materials (Thermophysical Transient Tester RT 1.02)

Code: IMC-P-00-0021-FU

Institute of Physics

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The instrument measures specific heat, thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity within temperature range from – 40 oC up to 200 oC in the isothermal regime or by heating or cooling in the range from 0 K/min up to 2 K/min. in air, vacuum or inert atmosphere. A specimen in the form of cylinder can be used having diameter in the range 10 – 30 mm and length up to 45 mm or a rectangle in size from 10x10x30 mm up to 30x300x45 mm.


Instrument is aimed for measuring thermophysical properties of materials, especially polymers, glasses, alloys, ceramics, products of powder metallurgy, etc. Universities, research institutes, metrological laboratories and testing laboratories for materials and quality are among possible customers.