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Removing of ammonium vapours from the building interiors.

Code: IMC-T-00-00006-UPo

Polymer Institute

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A presence of ammonium in the buildings is solved by the technology presented. The ammonium is formed as a result of application of antifreezing urea-containing additive in the concrete mixture.


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Development and production of special "tailor-made" adhesives and sealants on request. A design of a technological reglement for a desired application of adhesives including a supply of special glues. Characterization of the ignition of polymeric materials based on a determination of the induction period and temperature of ignition and the estimation of the surface exothermic effects on the polymer ignition


Two procedures have been proposed as a solution in the past : a demolition of the constructions affected heating of the building to speed up the urea decomposition and removal of the ammonium formed by ventilation. The alternative a) is expensive and in most cases a demolition of whole building would be necessary, the alternative b) would need, besides the expenses of heating, time of several years. The problem is effectively and much less expensively solved by the designed technology according to the patent application PV-1510/99. The ammonium formed is chemically bound by an appropriate compound placed on an inert carrier. Both the active ingredient and its product of the reaction with ammonium are ecologically harmless.