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Special materials prepared by the planar flow casting rapid solidification technique.

Code: IMC-T-00-00001-FU

Institute of Physics

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The preparation of special soft-magnetic materials (amorphous and/or nanocrystalline) is enabled by this method. Its application includes e.g. transformers production (power, impulse, high- frequency, special), magnetic screening, chokes, etc. Ni-based brazing foils for joining of stainless steels and high temperature are produced, too. Active filler metals for direct metal-ceramic joining can also be prepared. The new class of Al – based alloys with extremely high- strength are able to be prepared using this technology, too.

The liquid alloy is cast through the precise nozzle onto the surface of cooling wheel and is extremely fast (up to 106 K.s-1) solidified. As a result a long (several hundreds meters), thin (less then 0.04 mm) ribbon with preset width is prepared by a single operation. Such prepared foil is ready for next application.