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Information Page of SAS Organisation

Polymer Institute

Dúbravská cesta 9
845 41 Bratislava 45
Slovak Republic


Phone: +421-2-3229 4353


Phone: +421-2-32294308

Detached branches

ul. Gen. Svobodu 1069/4
958 01 Partizánske
The Polymer Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences was established in 1967 from Laboratory of Polymers founded in 1963. The research is concentrated on intentional and spontaneous structural changes in polymers in relation to their properties. Research projects are focused on modification by introduction of functional groups, grafting, cross-linking, thermal and light stabilization of polymers, on mechanism of emulsion polymerization, preparation of new polymer materials based on polymer mixtures and composites, materials for biotechnology and biomedicine and supports for liquids chromatography. The thermodynamics of polymeric systems, conformation and mobility of polymer chain of synthetic polymers and biopolymers is investigated. New chromathographic separation and characterization techniques for complex polymer systems are being developed.