A lifetime with Polymers

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Ing. Lyda Rychlá, DrSc. and Ing. Milan Lazar, DrSc., received awards in support of science and their lifelong contribution in the field of chemistry and polymers at SAS on Monday, April 23rd.
"Working at SAV is exciting and interesting. Scientific work is a value that our society may not yet fully appreciate, but it is of great importance and for many of us a beautiful calling, "said, Pavol Šajgalík the opening speech of the SAS prize giving ceremony among other points.
Ing. Milan Lazar, DrSc. is one of Slovakia's most prominent scientists in the field of polymer research, their reactivity, modifications and properties. He was born on October 7, 1927. In 1997, the President of the Slovak Republic awarded him Ladislav Štur of the 1st class and, after several scientific awards, awarded him the highest award of the Golden Medal of SAS. Milan Lazár is not only the founder of the school on polymers in Slovakia but is still a huge scientific and moral authority with great vision and significant human potential.

Ing. Lyda Rychlá, DrSc. has scientifically profiled in the field of chemiluminescence phenomenon, which is the emission of low light in the visible spectral region that accompanies various oxidative reactions. A holder of the Council of Ľudovít Štúr level II award, SAS awarded her with the SAS Medal for her scientific support in the establishment of a school for chemiluminescence of polymers.
Photo: Vladimír Šimíček

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Zlatá medaila SAV Ing. Milanovi Lazárovi, DrSc.
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Ocenenie Ing. Lydy Rychlej, DrSc
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Ocenení v spoločnosti prof. P. Šajgalíka a Ing. M. Omastovej, DrSc,