REDIRNET project coordinates interventions during disasters

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Project REDIRNET EU 7RP – Emergency Responder Data Interoperability Network – should help to closer cooperation between emergency and rescue forces in crisis situations with significant consequences. "That are particularly, the environmental disasters in Europe - floods, avalanches, earthquakes or incidents caused by human activity - major accidents or terrorist attacks," explains doc. Ing. Ladislav Hluchý, CSc., leading scientist in the project for Institute of Informatics, Slovak Academy of Science.

The coordinator of REDIRNET project is company ARDACO, a. s., Bratislava, Slovakia and in consortium are nine participating institutions from Europe, including the Institute of Informatics. REDIRNET platform enables the exchange of information, with innovative concept, which is linking the information systems of the participants. REDIRNET creates a system, which enables to all involved organizations dynamic and custom configurable data access through the socio-professional website. The proposed interoperability enables to individual rescue and emergency services to respond more effectively to crises of large scale.

REDIRNET is based on integration of metadata interface with socio-professional network in which individual agencies are set for cooperation with other organizations. REDIRNET platform is also a unique system that uses real-time survey: it easily discovers and aggregates the information from various available sources, and uses them to solve the crisis situations. These sources come from different providers via their web or mobile devices. REDIRNET is determined not only for the emergency and rescue services, but it is also open to the public organizations and commercial companies.

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