International Cooperation

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PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT - Czech–Slovak call for bilateral cooperation (2021-2022)
[24.3.2020] 129x
UPDATE - Clinical Trials Methodology Demonstration Projects
[23.3.2020] 155x
[10.3.2020] 119x
UPDATED - Conference "Revitalising Democracy in Times of Division"
[10.3.2020] 173x
2020 National Applied Research Laboratories Internship Program (Taiwan)
[28.2.2020] 129x
Final Report of the Joint Bilateral Agreement CNR/SAS
[13.2.2020] 148x
European Workshop "Young Scientists Meet Patients: Increasing Impact of Cancer Research"
[13.2.2020] 147x
Experts wanted! ERA.Net RUS Plus Joint Transnational Call 2019
[10.2.2020] 199x
PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT - 12th Call for SAS-MOST Joint Research Projects (JRP)
[10.2.2020] 170x
CALL OPEN - Collaborative Doctoral Partnership (CDP)
[10.2.2020] 149x
Offers of partnership in SwafS calls in Horizon 2020
[23.1.2020] 181x
Partner search JRP SAS-TUBITAK
[21.1.2020] 232x
CALL OPEN - Prevention of Vascular Cognitive Impairment through Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases
[16.1.2020] 176x
Call for Participants: Early Career Researcher Workshop
[16.1.2020] 173x
PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT - „Prevention of Vascular Cognitive Impairment through Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases“
[30.12.2019] 193x
CALL OPEN - Pre-clinical Research to Develop Effective Therapies for Rare Diseases
[19.12.2019] 201x
4 fellowships for participants from EU13 countries - The International Course Training on strategies to foster solutions of undiagnosed rare disease cases
[16.12.2019] 137x
CALL OPEN! 7th Joint Call for JRP SAS – TUBITAK (Turecko)
[13.12.2019] 480x
Select your topic for the next call! - CHIST-ERA Call 2020
[12.12.2019] 167x
CALL OPEN - Exchange Action for Officers “Joint Capacity building for climate services policy alignment”
[9.12.2019] 143x